Monday, 8 October 2012

WarZ - Maps

WarZ is an open world zombie simulator, the game runs on a cloud server. With multiple player owned serverss. The cloud server means you and your friends get to keep your items on each server you play.

In WarZ there are currently only 2 maps, Colorado (The big one) and Stronghold (Private maps for friends)
Colorado -
Colorado is the main map on warz. It is the map that most payers will begin in. It has good loot spawns, very large size and is designed for 200 players. The map consists of possibly many cities, farms, forrests lakes and is a reallly indepth map and game play. Zombie spawns are random throughout the towns and lakes unlike the stronghold map. The map is around 160-170km^2 of playable area.

Stronghold -
Stronghold is a small map designed for use by clans, friends and WarZ business's. The map is very small and is only around 4km^2. On the stronghold map there is less loot spawns and the loot is lower tier to keep the game balanced. Also the zombie spawns on the map are different. The zombies spawn on the outside of the map, and there is 2 defendable strongholds. On strongholds you can create farms, shops, safe havens, anything you like!

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